Ukraine Jitsi custom Android and iPhone app to save lives

Hello, I am completely new in this community, anyone here who can help me find my way? Or help me achieve my goal, find one or two Jitsi developers who can spend the next 4 days working on this project. You can contact me morphle at ziggo dot nl or morphle on Hacker News.

The Ukrainian Government is looking for developers to make a custom Jitsi for Android and iPhone. The aim of the customisation is to save many lives.
As a 36 year Apple Developer I can estimate that this custom version will take only a few days to make but would be slightly different for both platforms. There is no money in it (yet) but the gratitude of a few million citizens under heavy fire.

My apologies if I disregarded any forum etiquette.
The request is deadly serious and needs immediate attention.

Besides that, thank you all very much for making Jitsi such a great quality app! We have been using it for years and with large groups of 60 people without a hitch! Absolutely marvelous.



What will be the difference from the stock app Jitsi Meet that is already published in the store?

We want the user to start a videocall and stream their camera and mic. Normally you can’t just start a call, you first have to go to a url meeting place, etc.
We want to make sure the UDP Source or Destination port is always the same.

What I am circumlocuting at this time is the why. Can I send you a message on Linkedin to explain that? We don’t want any Russians to learn about it yet.

Another thing is we want the video/audio to be unencrypted if possible. We have programmable switches that can grab the video packets at gigabits speeds but they can’t decrypt them. We also want to add the cellphones GPS location into the stream.
You could then leave the smartphone broadcasting its video and location. If a vehicle would drive by, you could send people to the location of the cellphone to investigate.
Like a camera trap but with video and humans.

I was sending you private messages, but we can continue the conversation here.

I don’t think sending unencrypted data will be possible as easy as you think. This will require changes in jicofo and videobridge, not trivial. And then maybe and the webrtc part (not sure), then react-native-webrc and then lib-jitsi-meet.
So basically the whole data flow in client and server. And also the signaling around it in client and server.

As you are describing broadcasting use case where the whole jitsi-meet ecosystem is around creating a conference and being able to be in a meeting with multiple participants … it doesn’t make sense.

its possible to complete, and there are also other webrtc solutions out there other than jitsi. if you need help ask!