UIWebView warning

When we sent the Jitsi Meet application to testflight in ios, we received a warning like the picture below. Can you help me with this? How should we proceed?


What are you compiling? The app name says “Jitsi Meet 19.5.0 (2)”. That’s our app :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
We wanted to compile the application to see how it works on an iOS device. I will not publish the application. :slight_smile: Can you help with this warning message?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ll check what dependency brings it in, I thought we had updated all of them already. At any rate, it’s just a warning.

I wanted to make sure that Jitsi Meet will comply with the latest IOS rules. It will be very appreciated if you can update so that we can bypass this warning.

I also receive the same Deprecated API usage warning that @gokhanakcam posted when I uploaded my app today. Appreciate if you can update the SDK to bypass this as this might be a problem in the future when uploading apps. Thanks!

We have plans to release an SDK update this week or the next, I’ll try to get this solved in this version.

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hello, I have the same problem. Does the update already exist? thanks!

is there an update for this issue?