UI: Move the hangup button away from Mute/Camera

(not sure this is the right place to post, please correct me if I am wrong)

My 8-years daughter is using Jitsi for online schooling during Coronavirus Lockdowns. Thanks for making it available for free!

Especially because the teacher has a terrible echo (unclear why only she), she also asks the students to mute their mics while not being the “active” participant. And here’s

The problem: when reaching for the mute button on a tablet (given that it sits at more than an arms length) they accidentally and repeatedly hit the “hangup” button. Personally I also thought it’s not best UI/UX decision to have the hangup button just pixels away from mute and camera_off and thought it’s an accident waiting to happen; didn’t need to wait mucht time to see it happening.

Proposed solution move the red hang up button 2-3 button widths away from the other buttons. There’s plenty of space available on the screen, so that should not be a problem. Something like this: