UI Improvement: highlight screen sharing, open mic, active cam with red background


I do think that Jitsi could improve with the indicators that a user is unmuted, shares his video camera and screen content.

Similar to the “Leave meeting” button when a meeting is active, I’d like to suggest easy to recognize red icon backgrounds for the buttons: Mute/Unmute, Start/Stop camera, Start/Stop sharing your screen in case they are activated.

This would also offer a perfectly suitable answer to a user’s question “is anything active at the moment” which would require a detail view on a set of icons instead of “recognizing at a glance”.


The difference between the active and inactive state is only a line crossing the microphone. While this is perfectly recognizable when looking at the icon, it does not provide any visual indicator for the peripheral vision.

Start/Stop camera

Same holds true for the start/stop camera button.

Start/Stop sharing your screen

Additional to the things mentioned above, we do have a hover-feature, indicating an active screen sharing. In my case, I often want or need to hide that floating indicator in order to maximize screen space for sharing. (I actually would like to disable that hover indicator alltogether for the same reason.)

So, given a situation where a user wants to hide that indicator, the only visual clue is an almost non-existent brighter background of the sharing button which is a totally different visual language pattern compared to the to other bottons mentioned above.

Honestly, I only realized its existance when I took a closer look while typing the lines here. To me, this is way to subtle to serve as an alternative to the hover indicator.

With a bright red background when screen content is shared, it would follow the “something is active (or recording)” visual language of the “Leave the meeting” button as well as the other changes suggested in this feature request. This is a very common visual pattern for all kind of recording solutions in hardware or software.

Version tested: according to Display jitsi version(s) somewhere in the Web GUI [Solved] · Issue #5748 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub it is really hard to find out the Jitsi Meet version as a user (and not an admin). I think we’ve got 6155 running but that really doesn’t look like a typical version number to me. You really should re-think an indicator of the version in the UI.


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Thanks for the feedback!

Generally speaking, a red background or text implies a destructive action. That’s our design language, for instance.

Making those indicators red would be confusing for that reason. Leaving a meeting is destructive action, on the contrary.

I see.

Then choose blue or any other color to allow for an improved visual feedback.

I’ll ask our designers, but I’m honestly not sure what a highlight color would add here, since the action itself can be seen as somewhat ambiguous. Some might think of it as the “muted state” or as a “mic on state”. It’s the image that allows you to differentiate, not the background.

Imagine your car dashboard would not have any lights but only changing icon prints. Imagine your stove would only change the print and not flash brightliy for each activated burner (I’m not talking about gas).

Easily recognizable color adds an information layer that can be perceived without actively parsing the meaning of an icon.

I do think that users would get benefit if an open mic, a shared screen or an active camera is highlighted in a way that it can be perceived much easier than currently.