UI Customization - Paid Work

Hello everyone,
We are a local municipality and have been successfully using and on-premise jitsi meet server for a couple of months now and are looking for some customizations. Mainly to fill some needs while using Jitsi when performing public business.


  1. General branding
  2. Arrange thumbnails/ force layout to all participants & automatically hide users that have video muted.

3. Create a queuing system to allow drop-in participants - Users would be able to see the conference but unable to participate until allowed by a moderator, may need multiple queues to allow the public to comment on different topics.

4. Dial-in integration via local sip trunk

Please contact me via e-mail: nmueller@escondido.org

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We can help you out. We sent you an email explaining our services.

Team Telzee

none of the links work on your page?

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We are a startup and we are still putting the website together. Thanks for your feedback. Hopefully, the website should be fully functional soon.

Team Telzee

Hi @escneil

We have already in production auto-hide feature (with video muted) & forced view for all users.

We’ve even used it in a Webinar of Barcelona city council with 7 speakers and 300+ guests.

More than 180 municipalities are using our consulting services with Jitsi. Points in Phase-1 are not any problem.

We should analyze how to better implement Phase-2. Dial-in integration is already supported by Jitsi.

Feel free to contact me at kenneth.peiruza@gmail.com or +34-666236433 (GMT+1)


Kenneth Peiruza

We provide commercial support and services for Jitsi. We can customize and scale jitsi according to your needs. For more information please send us an email at ‘hello@meetrix.io’ and we will get back to you.

Hi Neil,
If you are still looking out for some help, I would be interested as all that you are wanting done is well within my area of experience.
You can reach me on andrew.johnson56782@gmail.com
Best Wishes and Have a great day ahead,