UI component manipulation on Android


Is there any way to manipulate the buttons and views on Android? I’d like to integrate Jitsi Meet with a Augmented Reality application, in which you could share the augmented reality portion on top of Jitsi Meet. I can already do it with a glView on top of the JitsiView but I’d like to insert the glview into the JitsiView hierarchy, right above the video call view but under the buttons.

Is this possible? Is it possible to manipulate / access the UI components? How would one go about that?

Thank you

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No, there is no way to do that unless you start poking at the view hierarchy by hand. The UI is built with React Native, which translates JS components into native views, so it’s not a traditional app in that sense.

Thank you!

Another question, is there any way to force the video call to start / use the back camera of the cellphone instead of the front?

Nope, that’s not currently possible.

I am not sure if I should ask in a new issue or if I can ask here so I’m sorry if I’m doing it wrong.

What mechanism does Jitsi use to access camera? Is this done on the Android sdk side or the React side of things? Is it the Camera2 api from Android? Also do you have any knowledge about using jitsi with another component acessing the camera concurrently, as in, is it be possible?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the myriad of questions…

It’s fine to do here, though for purposes of others finding the topic easier, we recommend opening a new topic.

It’s done using the WebRTC library, a pure Android library which we then wrap for React Native.

Where supported, yes. Otherwise we fallback to camera 1.

IIRC it’s not possible to open the camera twice in Android, in general.

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