UDP Port 10000


Why do we need top open up UDP 10000-20000? Is there a way to only use UDP port 10000? If so, will that limit the number of connections if only one UDP port is open?


The ports above 10000 are for clients not supporting single port, like jigasi for example, if you do not have jigasi you can close these ports and chrome/firefox will be fine


So if we’re only going to use this for Chrome/Firefox and mobile, we don’t need the UDP port?


You need just udp 10000.


correct me if i am wrong, u can use just open tcp 4443 only for that. No udp port required there is key in the config file that let you do that…webrtcIceDisable to true…:nerd_face:


You don’t need any config for that, but the best experience is using udp, the tcp option is a fallback for environments that do not allow udp.


Why can’t we just use range from 10000 to 11000, that makes 1000 ports. Isn’t it enough ?