UDP Port 10000

Why do we need top open up UDP 10000-20000? Is there a way to only use UDP port 10000? If so, will that limit the number of connections if only one UDP port is open?

The ports above 10000 are for clients not supporting single port, like jigasi for example, if you do not have jigasi you can close these ports and chrome/firefox will be fine

So if we’re only going to use this for Chrome/Firefox and mobile, we don’t need the UDP port?

You need just udp 10000.

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correct me if i am wrong, u can use just open tcp 4443 only for that. No udp port required there is key in the config file that let you do that…webrtcIceDisable to true…:nerd_face:

You don’t need any config for that, but the best experience is using udp, the tcp option is a fallback for environments that do not allow udp.

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Why can’t we just use range from 10000 to 11000, that makes 1000 ports. Isn’t it enough ?

So this is regarding testing UDP port 10000. So is there any way without actually doing a video call, so I can test that jitsi video bridge is running on port 10000? I mean like sending some fake room and receive some response or similar thing?


To test whether udp is forwarded you can use the nc tool, it has client and server commands and can send and receive udp.

@damencho thanks for the quick reply. Do you know, by default jitsi listen to port 10000 or only starts listening when it cant use p2p and make a videobridge? and if that the case, which jitsi component opens connection to port 10000?

I will think it starts listening when the first channels are request by jicofo, which means the first conference created. Jvb channels are requested and open even when p2p is established, as it can seamlessly switch when third one joins.
The web client is sending to 10000.

Sorry, but just to make sure, first conference means when two people join the room? or one person join and wait for second to join?

Two people join.
When there is only one, no channels are open, no conference, just a xmpp muc room with jicofo and one participant hanging in there

Is It possible to reuse port 10000 udp for another service? If yes, what do I need to change?

If you want to change port 10000 to something else you can use this property: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-videobridge/blob/master/doc/single-port.md#orgjitsivideobridgesingle_port_harvester_port1234

No, I don’t want to change the port, but I want to open another service at same port so I can use something like SO_REUSEADD. Is that possible?

I don’t think that is possible, but I don’t know what is SO_REUSEADD and how that can be used …

What are you trying to accomplish? Perhaps you can acomplish it by configuring the interfaces the bridge will bind on: ice4j/configuration.md at master · jitsi/ice4j · GitHub


Hi Boris, I am trying to test UDP port 10000 for our customer, whether they can do a video call or not because of there network constraints. So while JVB runs on 10000, I also want to run another socket, listening on the same port sharing the port. I know for UDP, if you use set SO_REUSEADD true, it allows. But you need to set on both of your services(JVB and my own socket).

Just stop jvb, start nc in listen udp mode on port 10000 and use nc from another pc to send udp packets and this way you will test whether that port works.