Ubuntu package + secure

Hi I want to secure room creation to certain users but I’ve been running into fail and rejoin messages.

I installed according to the https://jitsi.org/tutorial

Obtained certificates through letsencrypt

and setup Secure domain under https://github.com/jitsi/jicofo

When I go to create a room it fails with the reconnect message.

Checked the logs and I don’t see any glaring errors that would point me in the right direction. Googled for hours and tried a bunch of different recommendations but nothing seems to rectify the issue. Perhaps the secure document is not relevant to the current installations?

I’m sure its something I did but I’m at a road block and any assistance would be appreciated.

Any changes I did to the config are listed in the secure document, replacing domains with mine own and users with mine own.



Not sure what I did but I got it going.