Ubuntu Jitsi Installation with existing NGINX

Installed Jitsi as described: Self-Hosting Guide - Debian/Ubuntu server · Jitsi Meet Handbook.
I see in the running process list, jvb, jicofo and prosody are active.
In the documentation I see the block schema how jitse communicate with the outside world, pity only that no port numbers are mentioned.
Nothing is mentioned about the NGINX installation, only check with your browser.
I already had a working NGINX, the install procedure GUI didn’t appear but all certificates, hostname and so on, are well configured.
My question is how to configure now, by hand, the NGINX server to show the jitse-meet start page.

the install procedure is assuming that you are creating a dedicated server with its own domain.. If you did that, there should be no problem in installing, everything should be automatic.

If this assumption is not true in your case, well, you should not have followed the procedure :-). If it’s true, if your domain is example.com, your JM server should be something like meet.example.com (what you asked for in the install) and it should be accessible at this address, meet.example.com. Some advanced features could need some fiddling if computer hostname differs from Jitsi host name, but basic access should work.

Thanks for your answer, for now the install procedure did not set up the NGINX part. For this I asked: is there a way to do it manual and where is the information todo so.
I searched the documentation but couldn’t find it.
The contents of the script in NGINX site-available is enough for me to get things working

Searching again on internet I found a website with explanation of the NGINX install

Thanks !!!