Ubuntu 20.04 Focal + NGINX 1.23

jitsi-installer.sh.txt (21.0 KB)
Could you be so kind and check why, after using this script, the new installtion does not work?
The NGINX version 1.23 does not create the directories under /etc/nginx/ for this I added it in the script
Using this script with the older NGINX with lua support did work very nice.
Now with the new version NGINX I see the https page but firefox can’t open the site as I get end of file error.
I do see the HTTPS in the browser

Please give me some hints to find the error, then will test and send you the working script



IIUC this is a customized Ubuntu setup. I have no time for now to analyze it in detail. Use a standart/uncustomized Ubuntu 20.04 if it’s OK for your use case.

The used Ubuntu is a standard one with before the NGINX version 1.18 which give me sites problems.
I got certificates from other configuration on the same installation and unable to solve it.
I hope with version 1.23 this will be solved but run now against the problems that jitsi-meet doesn’t become visible in the browser
I have no idea where to start with problem solving.

All problems solved I do see that NGINX 1.18 is installed and the error with certficates is solved
The error was in the script:
The original line had as path /var/www/html.
After changing all went fine
certbot certonly --dry-run --non-interactive -m info@$JITSI_HOST --agree-tos
–duplicate --webroot -w /usr/share/jitsi-meet -d $JITSI_HOST,$TURN_HOST || true
sleep 3
certbot certonly --non-interactive -m info@$JITSI_HOST --agree-tos
–duplicate --webroot -w /usr/share/jitsi-meet -d $JITSI_HOST,$TURN_HOST

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Good catch!

I think the issue arised in your script because of the commented rm lines:

ln -s /usr/local/share/nginx/modules-available/jitsi-meet.conf \
#rm /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default
#rm -rf /var/www/html
ln -s /usr/share/jitsi-meet /var/www/html