Two Jibri nodes record the same meeting, how?


I am deploying Jibri nodes through AWS. When they get deployed their nicknames for the muc get changed.
Any ideas on HOW this can happen?


Also, I am facing the issue that Jibri isnt available immediately. Once I click on record, it takes a while and then it tells me that all instances are busy. Sometimes it even happens that it records the meeting but it isnt shown in Jitsi that it started the recording.

Ive looked a while now and I dont find a reason for that. Different nicknames, they join the same meeting, never experienced something like that.

My guess is:

  • jitsi tries to start recording and attaches the task to a jibri instance

  • jibri cannot start on time. so jitsi attaches the task to a second jibri instance

  • although the first jibri doesn’t start on time, it starts after a while and two jibri record the same meeting session.

  • two jibri instances seem busy from jitsi perspective

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Yes, was thinking the same as it took quite a long for Jibri to start! Maybe bc of chrome? Is there a way to fire it up at launch so it doesnt stuck there?

Thank you!