Tweak Jeetsi for multiple desktop sharing

Hello all,

I am new to jeetsi, but since it is an open platform I was wondering if it can meet my goal :slight_smile:

  • Have an admin than can see the webcam and the desktop of each participant (as two tiles per participant).
  • The participants (12 max) only see the screen and webcam of the admin.

Thanks for your answers

Next step would be to find someone to develop this…

Participants can screenshare and enable video so their video will be seen on lower right corner of the screenshare.

The goal of this app is to follow if students are working… so I would like that:
1/ The app launches with webcam and desktop sharing ON for all the students
2/ The students can only see the teacher screen + webcam
3/ The teacher can see all students webcam + screen (in tiles with the ability to zoom one tile).