[Tutorial] Multi shards scalable Jitsi helm chart on Kubernetes

Hi all,

I’m working on deploying Jitsi meet on Kubernetes with scalable setup. I’ve learned a lot from this community and want to contribute some of my works.

I know that some jitsi helm charts are available includes jitsi-contrib/jitsi-helm, which was an awesome chart but those charts require some extra works and doesn’t fit my need on kubernetes deployment. Then I found this thread, which has a great architecture but it’s using kustomize and depends on some 3rd dependencies and I think not everyone can use it easily.

So I’ve made this chart based on their architecture but use helm to deploy on kubernetes. With zero-dependencies and very customizable templates, I hope you guys will find it helpful and easy to start with.

This chart include multiple shards deployment with autoscalable jvb for each shard. You can deploy this chart on multiple cluster (like separate jvb on other cluster) or join with VM deployment because all configurations are based on official docker image.

URL: jitsi-scalable-helm
Feel free to use any resources in this chart.

If you find it helpful, give me 1 star.
If you have any issue with it, please let me know or make some PR. Any help or contributions are appreciated. Thank you.