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+1 to @moto_droid I’m facing the same issue

Figured it out. For me updating the jicofo.conf to below fixed it. I’m not sure I fully understand the issue with keeping the commented code. Maybe someone else here can explain this?

jicofo {
  xmpp: {
  client: {
      client-proxy: focus.test312.revo.video
    #trusted-domains: recorder.test312.revo.video
  #bridge: {
  #  brewery-jid: "JvbBrewery@internal.auth.test312.revo.video"

I believe this was a bug in the config generation. That should have been a list of domains i.e. trusted-domains: [recorder.test312.revo.video]

The bug has since been fixed but I’m not sure if has hit stable yet.

Thanks. By commenting #trusted-domains: recorder.test312.revo.video solved the issue