Turncredentials not work in prosody configuration

Hi, I set up a coturn server with jitsi by this guide https://meetrix.io/blog/webrtc/jitsi/setting-up-a-turn-server-for-jitsi-meet.html
but I found a problem about turncredentials settings in prosody configuration.
if I set “turns”, meeting works well and I can see the iceservers in chrome webrtc-internals
turncredentials = {
{ type = “turns”, host = “sample.com”, port = 30445, transport = “tcp” }

but if I set “turn”
turncredentials = {
{ type = “turn”, host = “sample.com”, port = 30003}
meeting does not work! and no iceservers in webrtc-internals
I tried in Firefox , meeting failed too, it seems not a browser problem.
could you help ? thanks!

For the bridge connection only turns is used, this is filtered in lib-jitsi-meet.

how to configure to support both turn and turns? thanks!

You need to modify this: https://github.com/jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet/blob/dd4242320433bfe8fe651156f930c9cb328235f0/modules/xmpp/strophe.jingle.js#L382
But there is no point of using turn instead of turns when you have let’s encrypt.