Turn/Turns Server Not Working? (coTurn)


I followed a guide here on the forums Using coTurn with Jitsi-meet.


I followed the guide partially, the one thing I did not configure or perhaps touch is the parts below as I’m not sure it is necessary and I can’t find it in the docker instance.


I think I do not need to do this because we have it configure into .env of the jitsi meet config. I just put the necessary details there for the turn and turns. Is Stun necessary?

docker-jitsi-meet/env.example at 6f56e5b7a203deec9124a4dcf0390af3bf01fdfe · jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet · GitHub

> # Configure an external TURN server
> # TURN_HOST=turnserver.example.com
> # TURN_PORT=443
> # TURNS_HOST=turnserver.example.com
> # TURNS_PORT=443

One thing I notice is that the bandwidth is not defined? that’s the error I received in Chrome.

Here is my log file, Chrome.

Logger.js:154 2022-04-12T01:15:39.636Z [modules/statistics/AvgRTPStatsReporter.js] <Gc.addNext>:  bandwidth_download - invalid value for idx: 0 undefined
Logger.js:154 2022-04-12T01:15:59.636Z [modules/statistics/AvgRTPStatsReporter.js] <Gc.addNext>:  bandwidth_upload - invalid value for idx: 0 undefined

I’m not sure why is not working. I need to be able to use TURN because most networks around our community is with NAT, in fact it is double NAT.

Tested this and No AUDIO/VIDEO was being sent nor received, you can’t even see yourself when you turn on the camera. Conference works, i.e connecting to the rooom, etc. Everything is working except the audio/video part. I tested this without TURN and it is working, so I know it is on the turn config.

Complete Log files are here. (Chrome)


Your help is much appreciated.

Edit: Apologies, wrong grammar or perhaps choice of words regarding " you can’t even see yourself when you turn on the camera". You can see yourself, it’s just that it is not appearing on other machines.

This is another issue unrelated in TURN. Before testing TURN, be sure you can create a conference with 3 participants with audio/video.

I can create a conference with 3 participants, p2p is disabled in my config, I can run this without any issues. But again with the network setup here in my place/country, all networks are Double NAT. My home network is just different/i.e it is tunneled through wireguard but all other networks are Double NAT as expected. Again this is without configuring TURN.

Just to clarify, First I have tested without configuring TURN with my home network, all is working well, video and audio all the stuff.

2nd test is in a separate home network/neighbor network, Nowfirewalls, just plain DOUBLE NAT, two routers config (As the ISP here is like that) Nothing works, no Audio/Video, only chat and just connection.

3rd Test is with TURN, home/neighbor networks, still the same. That is why I’m trying to figure out what’s the cause of this issue. Hence trying to setup Turn Server.

My last comment is with TURN.

Edit: Apologies I mistype my original comment, I can’t see video on the other machine.

Did you try meet.jit.si with the same participants? Does it work?


I have tried with meet.jit.si. and it is working.

I’ve been checking what’s the issue. It seems that it can’t reach JVB? it keeps disconnecting.

I haven’t done anything about JVB, I installed Jitsi via docker, again all is working in my home network. p2p is disabled, 3+ devices can connect.

What test could I do regarding jvb?
Maybe Turn is not the issue, so I’ll do it one by one.

TURN must be able to access JVB’s UDP/10000 through JVB’s public IP.

By default, using jitsi-meet docker port 10000/udp is enabled correct? I saw it in the config files and it is enable.

Since I tested 3+ connections on the default config without Turn setup, I think it is working on the host/server where Jitsi meet is installed. (My Home Network).

Now on the Turn coTurn instance, do I still need to specifically port-forward 10000/udp? on the server/host running coTurn?.

Apologies for too many questions, newbie on this one.

Thanks a lot, much appreciated.

Oh just an update.

P2P works on meet.jit.si on (My neighbor’s network) (Double Nat) but if there are 3+ more participants, there are no audio/video feed.

Strange? ey?

This means that TURN will not solve your issue.

I see.

Hmm, I thought Turn is the solution on WebRTC issues on Double NAT .

Anyways, thanks a lot emrah.