TURN servers in scalable setup

In a scalable setup where multiple Jitsi shards are fronted by haproxy, how would one deploy a pool of coturn servers to scale out and maintain high availability?

Hosting a single standalone turn server and adding that to prosody config seems straight-forward enough but that’s going to get oversubscribed eventually and would be a single point of failure. So a pool of coturn servers seems like a right way forward, but I’m not sure what’s right way to load balance these.

I’m considering the following options:

  1. Front it with ELB+haproxy the same way we do for the Meet servers
    • Can’t do UDP, so turns only. No turn or stun. Is this a problem?
    • Would it be a problem if clients not consistently routed to same server? Need to stick by IP?
  2. Round-robin DNS
    • Less responsive to scale in/out events, but perhaps not an issue for if turn doesn’t need to scale up/down often
  3. Sticking multiple entries in external_services in prosody config
    • Will this even work?
    • Messy to dynamically add/remove entries for scaling events

Round-robin DNS approached seems most straight-forward, but I’m keen to know how others are handling this and what pitfalls I need to watch out for.

How does meet.jit.si deploy turn servers?

That’s correct

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