TURN Server will not work - docker volume for config.js


I have configure TURN Server. But P2p calls not go through my TURN Server. I have a call with 2 participants but traffic goes over the JVB Bridge Port 10000. I would like to configure that all P2P calls go to my TURN Server no P2P!

My config.js is like this here:

     useStunTurn: true,
    // Peer-To-Peer mode: used (if enabled) when there are just 2 participants.

    p2p: {
        enabled: true,
        useStunTurn: true,
        stunServers: [

                { urls: 'stun:my.turn.com:443' },

In my docker-compose.yml I must configure a volume like this to set this settings persistent, because at every container reboot default config.js will overwrite my changes. There are no ENV settings for STUN and useStunTurn: true
Volume for my jitsi web container
- ${CONFIG}/web/default-config/config.js:/defaults/config.js:Z

I configure also the jitsi-meet.cfg.lua like this:

turncredentials_secret = "mysecret";
turncredentials = {
        { type = "stun", host = "my.turn.com:", port = "443" },
        { type = "turns", host = "my.turn.com:", port = "443", transport = "udp" },
        { type = "turns", host = "my.turn.com:", port = "443", transport = "tcp" }

Any ideas what my mistake is?

The JVB ignore the TURN Server. If have make a call with 2 participants it always use P2P connection but I would like to bring it to my TURN Server.