TURN server running on TCP port on works with multiple browsers but not with Mobile App (still needs UDP port 10000)


Multiple browser based conference works and all traffic directed to TURN server that runs on TCP port 443 (thanks to turn_credentials). This is awesome. especially on environment behind firewall. (tested with multiple browser, multiple internet connections, and even Android Chrome, all video traffic are using TCP port 443)

But this can’t work with native Jitsi Meet app, it still needs to connect to UDP port 10000, which is the default. can you update the app to be able to use the TURN server like the browser?


Hi @ezraimanuel, I’m having some issues with clients behind corporate firewalls where only port 443 and 80 are allowed for web browsers.
Could you give me a hint on how to setup Jitsi so that it works with those 2 ports ?

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