TURN server or Videobridge for tcp connection?

Hi Jitsi team,

I notice some recent posts in the community forum where you recommend the use of a turn server to handle tcp connection.

Could you explain what is the benefit of this configuration compared to the videobridge default tcp connection mechanism ?
Do you think it could increase connection quality to switch to this configuration ?

Best regards,
Damien Fetis.

The videobridge uses a pseudo ssl connection where some restrictive firewall detect that it is not a real ssl and drops the connection. Where when using coturn it creates a real ssl with a valid certificate.

We had seen also that the tcp_harvester when enabled sometimes brings up the cpu usage.

Overall the turn server is recommended when it comes to tcp connections.

I’m currently adding turnserver configuration by default when you install jitsi-meet on a single machine. https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/pull/4959

Many thanks for you answer and all you work in the community forum.

is the lack of TURN server could be related to the mobile issue ? No video or audio on iOS app