TURN server not working


We have a basic out of the box set up by following the quick install instructions and am trying to get jitsi meet to work behind the firewall. When both parties are not behind a restricted network, all is well. I am trying to get it to work with a restricted network by configuring the turn server.

In the set up we have the JVB, Prosody, and meet are running on a Digital Ocean droplet and a different machine has the Turn server.

I am going with the basic instructions listed on the website here https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/doc/turn.md. I understand that this is not the preferred way for security reasons and I plan on changing that to use Prosody config once I get a feeling that all is working well.

I enabled useStunTurn in the meet config file in both places and added the turn server details in there. I am looking at the webrtc-internals in chrome and do not see the iceservers.

The test scenario is that one participant is behind a firewall where only ports 80 and 443 are allowed. The other participant is in an unrestricted network. I see that both the particiants are in the call but no media is going through.

Any pointers/help is greatly appreciated.