Turn server, networks blocking udp


We are running an installation of jitsi on Ubuntu 20.04.
Have found clients that has networks blocking UDP and/or port 10000 and understand turn server is the solution.

Is this guide the best to follow or should I consider any other information? Setting up TURN | Jitsi Meet

Appreciate a guide in the correct direction, because I found a lot off bits and pieces online but nothing that feels give the whole picture how to configure :slight_smile:

If you do a new installation on a new VM or something, by default jitsi-meet installs coturn and configures it. And you can look at that.
The " Use TURN server on port 443" instructions are how to migrate the existing coturn configuration(the default one) to use port 443.

There is no doc on how to do it from scratch. But here is a quick one:


Thanks a lot for the links, got it working now :slight_smile:

Sir, can you please help with turnserver for Nextcloud talk