Turn Server for every JVB?

I have a working Jitsi Setup with two JVBs. The first one have the XMPP Server and the Jicofo, also a Turn Server listen on 443 on a extra IP. It works fine even for proxy participants.
What about the second JVB? Do I need an extra Turn Server? How can I tell the system to use this second turn server if the meeting is on the second JVB?

Regards Daniel

no its wont it will mange by jicofo but you have to connect jvb to the prosody server.

Yes of course. JVB is connected to prosody server.

turncredentials_host = "turn.example.de";
turncredentials_port = 443;
turncredentials_secret = "<password>";
turncredentials_ttl = 86400;

turncredentials = {
        { type = "stun", host = "turn.example.de", port = 443},
        { type = "turn", host = "turn.example.de", port = 443, transport = "udp"},
        { type = "turns", host = "turn.example.de", port = 443, transport = "tcp"}

But I only can assign the turnserver global. Not per JVB.

You just need one turnserver for the deployment (or multiple if you need to distribute bandwidth), but you don’t need it per jvb. It is for p2p fallback or to serve tcp media and forwarding the media to the jvb (no matter which one), it is just a relay with different transport protocol.