TURN Server FireFox not Working - Chome is OK


We have a strange problem with our JITSI docker solution.

When activating TURN server. Chome web browsers use TURN servers correctly.
The same url does not take the TURN configuration and this connects to JVB.

In the FireFox logs (about: webrtc) the ICE does not present the TURN server as candiat.

PS: Sorry for my English.


I’m trying to understand why Chome allows using TURN server and FireFox does not use it in the same type of connection.

I applied changes in lib-jitsi-meet.min.js in order to display the list of pushed ICEs in web browsers.

Chome has ICE: STUN and TURN Server

FireFox does not recover any ICE.

However during the call to PROSODY, by the customers I see that mod_turncredentials responds in the same way for FireFox and Chome.

I think we have the same issue. Firefox gives 401 error, it’s definitely an authentication error. On prosody log, I saw Firefox tries to login with no username. I disabled authentication and allow all traffic on coturn config and Firefox started to work. We have a big closed conference next week I will leave it with no authentication and check back later.
Any idea?