TURN Server does not work on mobile app

Hello everyone,

I recently installed Jitsi from the default Debian package. It automatically set up an TURN server and, when I tested it with people behind a restrictive fire wall, it worked fine. Only problem is that those people can only connect from a PC, not from the mobile app.

I tested it out, and it seems that even using chrome on a mobile phone works, but the app itself doesn’t seem to use the turn server

Is there any potential solution to this?

I’ve updated the post to be a little more specific.

Just wondering if TURN support is a feature that is yet to be implemented in the app? Or is there potentially something wrong with my server configuration?

a way could be to try your phone with another server, like, for example meet.jit.si. If it works the problem is with your server.
I think I have already quite a few posts on this subject in this forum since 6 weeks, were talking about full path certs if memory serves me. There is a search function for this forum.

Thanks for the reply @gpatel-fr. I did search for the issue before posting, but I guess I didn’t search enough :sweat_smile:.
So, if i understood this conversation correctly, getting a certificate from a different certification authority should solve the problem?

possibly but you need to check your coturn certificate setup using a tool like openssl or (if openssl turns you off) use https://whatsmychaincert.com.

There is an old but ongoing thread about this in the webrtc google group. My understanding is that this is indeed an issue with LetsEncrypt not being included the CA list that is used by the webRTC implementation used by ReactNative on Android.

More details:

… and many many other CAs, the list is very restrictive, and appears to be related only to CA used by Google: