Turn Server configuration - any NAT/Firewall examples

Hi, I’m trying to configure Jitsi meet with a Turnserver, inside Azure cloud, with a proxy that sends traffic to the server.

I’ve got this situation:

coturn:5349 <–> nginx:443 (stream config) <–> (‘internal’ IP) <–> (‘external IP’) <–> (proxy server) <–> the internet <–> client network that seems to block udp <–> jisti user :frowning:

The proxy server ( in this example) will forward all 443 traffic to nginx, which uses the stream module to forward the traffic to coturn. The machine itself has an Azure ‘internal’ ip of (for example), and an ‘external’ IP of (for example).

I’m really struggling to get the turnserver working properly, especially to return useful results on the TrickleICE example: Trickle ICE

Does anyone have any example files of how /etc/turnserver.conf should look in this situation? I can share my actual conf files here if that is useful.

Many thanks in advance, C

In my opinion, first run the system without a proxy. If it works, add the proxy. The turnserver config will be the same in both case