Turn on/off video/audio of each participant by moderator via api


I cant find at ifram doc any function or method which allow me as moderator turn on/off video/audio of each participant

Is there such an option via api?

No - at least, not in the way I suspect you’re asking.
You can force-mute all participants and and require them to request permission to turn on their mics/cameras, but you can’t just turn on/off participants’ audio/video arbitrarily. That would be a major privacy violation.

so how can I force them all at ocen to mute and turn off video?
and how the permision is handle? via a notification button or something? please share with me some command / function to handle such a situation

You can use the muteEveryone command to have the moderator mute the audio/video of all participants.

You can also use toggleModeration to enable AV moderation – this means non-moderators will not be able to unmute themselves unless explicitly allowed by Moderator.

What you cannot do is automatically unmute someone’s audio or video since this would be a privacy violation as mentioned by Freddie. What you can do instead is askToUnmute – this will raise a notification for the user asking them to unmute their audio.

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