Turn off black transitions in speaker view

Does anybody knows how to turn off the black transitions in the speaker view appearing when changing from one user camera to another? We would prefer just simple hardcuts Thanks a lot for ideas/solutions.

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Yeah, same here. Looking for a solution to this.

I’m also looking for a way to do this.
I found the necessary lines of code in the source files (in VideoContainter.js), but I don’t really wanna deploy the whole app just for this tiny little change if possible.

Also I don’t think I’ve seen a parameter within the APIs to achieve this.

I tried some stuff with the Chrome Dev Tools - with some success.
By removing the event handlers from “largeVideoElementsContainer” (the opacity of this element is changed to create the fade in) you get a hard cut, but with a black frame in between.

Just type into the dev console:
document.querySelector("#largeVideoElementsContainer").outerHTML = document.querySelector("#largeVideoElementsContainer").outerHTML

Really hoping to find a better solution soon :slight_smile:

any luck?