Tunning jitsi for 1280 x 720. How to exclude iOS

Is it possible to prohibit iOS device to enter in our custom platform?

Our version is:

jitsi-meet-web                        1.0.5913-1
jitsi-videobridge2                    2.1-634-gff8609ad-1

We are very interested on maintain 1280 x 720 in a stable way from the webcam in our teaching room in order to warranty definition from the whiteboard installed. This is a screenshot from our teaching room.

After many test we have resolve to not to support Firefox in favor to Chrome. When all clients in a webconference are Chrome everything works like a charm and when a Firefox go into, VP9 is switched to VP8 (not a big problem) and many times 720 goes to 540 or less in all the clients… and when Firefox clients has low bandwith or network problems, all the participants with good network get problems and they completely lost cameras. Everything solves when Firefox goes out.

OPTIMAL_BROWSERS: [ 'chrome', 'chromium', 'nwjs', 'electron' ],

we have resolve too to force VP9 codec in order to avoid some seconds with bad quality when changing codecs.

preferredCodec: 'VP9',
enforcePreferredCodec: true,

With those settings Safari from computers seems to be working OK and I would like to allow them to go in.

The problem now arrives when iOS clients go in to the conference… 1280 x 720 is maintained in all clients but we have a constant blur effect during all the conference. Is the same blur that happens every time a new user arrives or when users enable and disable the tile view. The problem is the same with Firefox, Chrome or Safari from iOS… I think all them use the “Safari” iOS browser. Everything works OK when iOS browsers go out from the conference.

When we add “Safari” in the unsupported list:

UNSUPPORTED_BROWSERS: [ 'firefox', 'safari'],

the “Safari” from computers is not allowed to go into, but all browser from iPhone are allowed to go in and the blur problems arrive.

Chrome Android browsers seem to be working OK.
Firefox from Android are allowed to go in (when Firefox is unsopported), and they see black cameras but other users are not disturbed (probably Android Firefox does not support VP9).

How could we to set up Jitsi in order avoid iOS browsers with their blur problems? If that’s not possible… Is there some hack to avoid the blur effect when iOS browsers goes into?

Thank you in advance.