Trying to understand resolution settings

I am trying to understand the different resolution settings that are available:

The single resolution: 720, line is only used for “older browsers” and only sets the resolution the browser is supposed to send?

The constraints object is the modern variant of that?

constraints: {
    video: {
        aspectRatio: 16 / 9,
        height: {
            ideal: 720,
            max: 720,
            min: 240

How are these ideal, max and min settings being used by the browser? Is it something the user can change?

What does the quality setting in the overflow menu do? Does it switch between these three values (and audio only)? It always seems to start at the highest setting, even if I set ideal to something else…

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Ok, the quality settings in the overflow menu seem to be about the quality the client wants to receive, not send.

The low bandwidth setting still disables sending of video.