Trying to Self host - Key error

I am using this tutorial to host Jitsi on a server. But I am getting an error after I download the key and try to do a gpg --search-keys command.

I am also fairly new to Ubuntu and any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

the video tutorial is 3 years old. In other words, it’s very outdated.

Try to follow the handbook instead and use the quick install,it’s about up-to-date.

The only restriction I have is that it says to use Prosody from distro with Ubuntu 20.04, it will work but only up to a point after which upgrading it through the Prosody PPA is recommended.


Hello, sorry for resurrecting an old post and maybe you already have installed Jitsi, but just for the record:

You don’t have errors in your commands, it’s just that the default GPG keyserver that you have on your system is not working ok. Otherwise the GPG checks work ok, I just checked on my end.

Alternatively to using gpg command-line, you can use the web interface of some keyserver and look and compare the key in the web browser. For example

And yes, the videos are rather old and some of the smaller details are outdated, but most of the major sthings still stand. New updated videos are in the making :slight_smile: but the progress is slow and they are not yet ready.