Trying to deploy Octo in AWS: how to work with different client regions?

Hi all,

I have been struggling for some time with this task. I think I have seen all threads and documentation regarding octo that exist, but Im still not progressing. Goal is to deploy one jitsi meet stack in, lets say AWS eu-central-1 zone. Then place just jitsi bridges using Octo in AWS asia and US zones.

I tried few options how to set this up, but Im still unable to create a setup that will use some of AWSs black box services that will pass me a header or whatever which will I then use in nginx to choose the right config.js

I have read the original documentation but I have to use one domain, not a different domain for each zone.

I run whole stack in docker containers and I have already confirmed its working, because if I use SplitBridgeSelectionStrategy then users are randomly connected to three different bridges that I use for testing.

Thank you all for help, appreciated already.

You need at least 3 HaProxies or nginx fronting your server, every one in the different region and everyone setting a header about the region they are in. Your main nginx read it and set it as a variable which is then replaced by ssi in config.js.
The 3 proxies in the regions are behind by Route53 which will always return the closest one.

Thank you damencho for a suggestion. Ill try that during this week.
Problem was, that I used jitsis nginx instance in each zone and used jitsi meet and prosody as a backend… Which was not working.
Ill post a reply when I test it.
Thanks again!

Its been a while, but thanks to @damencho the test setup with octo is now working :slight_smile:
Having it in docker showed some other problems, but that SSI setup was exactly what worked.

I have another question: what type of AWS region interconnect did jitsi stuff choose? Simplest would be a VPN running where main jitsi stack is located and have octo bridges to connect to it. AWS mentions some options
However knowing which and why you have chosen will be a great help and time saver.
Thank you!

For your AWS question @Aaron_K_van_Meerten can confirm, what I know is that we just use a VPC to interconnect bridges (so I suppose it is this multi-regional VPC).