Trying to access "Professional Jitsi meetings for less than $1 a month!" offer but can't

Anyone know why the link for this offer does not go anywhere?

Well to be more accurate, it invokes this URL and stalls:

Any ideas? Thanks!!

Do you have cookies enabled in your browser?

We invalidated some faulty cache. Could you try again please?

Thanks. I did try, but that offer seems to no longer be available. The link usually appeared immediately upon closing a meeting. Now I get a page that suggests embedding meetings.

Got the right link for me?


P.S. The above link I provided originally still produces a PAGE NOT FOUND error.

P.P.S. All replies sent via email are bounced back with an error message.

We have used Jitsi through the WordPress plugin a few times now and also get the $1 offer at the end of about every other logout. However, after trying 3 different browsers (Firefox/Chrome/Edge) we can’t open the link. In Edge (no configuration done as it was never used before) Jitsi doesn’t show. In FF and Chrome all works as expected but the link leaves me with a blank screen.
A member of our club who was in another Jitsi meeting was able to follow the link and has mailed it to me but when I open it, I aslo get the 404 page.
Anything I can do to at least look at the $1 offer?

The company that services this offer (using the Jitsi platform) is 8x8. Try this link and click on the $0.99 offer on the homepage. That should work.

Just a note, if you plan to use it for screen sharing, there is one serious limitation (relative to Zoom, let’s say) in that the Jitsi/8x8 screen design uses two rather intrusive header/footer banners that WILL truncate the top and bottom of anything that truly fills your screen.

For example, I was using it to display photographs and the tops and bottoms of any image that met the top and bottom of my projecting screen. The resulting shared images were clipped at both top and bottom on all attendees screens. I’m hoping someone from 8x8 sees this and can redesign the screen because switching to Zoom for my purposes is not preferred.

Other than that, the platform works as advertised, but the screen clipping is an issue. Compare it to a free Zoom session if you’re concerned about that limitation.

Good luck.

Guess I should have actually included the link, huh…

Thanks. It finally worked. “Try for free” didn’t work in Firefox either so I had to use Chrome again.
I’m all set and can work on Wordpress integration now.