Try to change ICON not working

Hey there.,
i tried to change icons in jitsi meet … i change the new svg icon in my existing icon but it’s not reflected…
i restart prosody , jifco and videobrige also but it’s not reflected … if jitsi have cache how to clear it ??

maybe it’s your browser cache ? Try to hit Ctrl + F5, for many browsers it will reload the page after clearing the cache.

I tried many times and i try incognito browser also … Not working

well then maybe it’s a web server config issue; what gives


and if you changed the name of whatever file you are trying to change, let’s say myfile.svg


do you get the original Jitsi files and your new file when examining them with a browser or an image viewer ?

There is no format like wget in jitsi files… i disable cache also in my browser not working

wget is a linux utility (it has been ported to Windows I think if that is your thing)

My server also linux …
all icons render like this in


you rebuilt the whole application to change an icon ? it’s not necessary, you can customize any file in the images subdirectory directly by overwriting it or (better) overriding it in the nginx configuration.