True Multihoming of Jitsi Meet on a single instance

Hi everyone

I have set up a Jitsi Meet instance that will serve to multiple domains, thanks to the help in previous posts to this forum, including:

amongst others.

This setup works fine, but it does not provide a “true multi-homed environment”, in the sense that a room called ‘bobs-room’ on domain X is also available on all other domains enabled in web server (Nginx in my case). As such, there is not a true separation of rooms across the domains configured. I use the term “multi-homed” for want of a better one.

I understand that this can be alleviated by obfuscating the names of the rooms generated, for example prefixing the domain name (or part of) before the room name.

I suppose my question is; is it possible to provide true separation of domains on a single install such that ‘bobs-room’ on domain X and ‘bobs-room’ on domain Y can coexist without being the same room ?

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@john_europa, can you give me on guidance how you set this up? What files are in involved and what parameters are needed to change? Can provides sample of files using and as values of the sample domains?

Thank you in advance.