Troubleshooting with android app

I have a jitsi own server (debian 10) with a trusted certificate installed (a paid one - wildcard geotrust).
When I test it on, I have a A+ note.
Multiple users can connect to my jitsi with a web bowser without problems.
A single android app user can do it too (when the room is empty).
But if an andoid user try to connect when a web browser user is online, both are disconnected with the message “Unfortunately, un problem as occured…reconnection in 18 seconds” and it loops indefinitely.
Can you help me please ?

on every reconnection, I’ve these messages in /var/log/prosody/prosody.log
Apr 03 01:54:47 conference.xxxxxxxx :muc_domain_mapper warn Session filters applied
Apr 03 01:54:47 mod_bosh info New BOSH session, assigned it sid ‘6b912ea3-5a95-4fa9-b298-b414d13f8875’
Apr 03 01:54:48 bosh6b912ea3-5a95-4fa9-b298-b414d13f8875 info Authenticated as zan5jz2dmpk4lne5@meet.xxxxxxxx
Apr 03 01:54:53 warn A module has been configured that triggers external events.
Apr 03 01:54:53 warn Implement this lib to trigger external events.
Apr 03 01:54:53 bosh6b912ea3-5a95-4fa9-b298-b414d13f8875 info BOSH client disconnected: session close

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I noticed the same thing. No idea why.