Troubleshooting Excessive Jitsi Meet CPU Usage

I have been struggling to get Jitsi meet to work as a viable Zoom alternative, but I have found the CPU usage to be extremely high.

When I open a connection without any other clients connected my CPU usage is close to 100%. If I unplug my camera, the CPU usage goes down to ~40%. I am using a Logitech C510 which requires the CPU for encoding the H.264 video. I am wondering if a newer camera that provides H.264 encoding in the device rather than needing the CPU to do the encoding might help? Could anyone provide some of their thoughts?

When I connect a client to the stream while my camera is disconnected, my CPU usage again goes up to near 95%. I am trying to figure out why this might be happening. The only thought is that the stream is being decoded by my CPU as well. Not sure why the GPU is not doing this instead since I have Hardware Acceleration enabled in Chrome.