Trouble with accessing jitsi meet docker from web browser after docker compose up


I am trying to set up jitsi meet docker. I created an EC2 instance and installed docker/docker compose. I downloaded all the jitsi meet docker files from GitHub. I ran through all the commands provided in the installation guide. Changed the docker_host_ ip and public url in the .env file. Created the additional directories in the .jitsi-meet-cfg. When I run docker compose up -d, all the images pull and start up. When I try to access the server ip from a web browser, it doesn’t work. What could I be doing wrong? Please help. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

is your problem similar to this:


I added the WEBSOCKET line mentioned in the link you provided. However, I am now getting a 504 gateway timeout and an ERR_CRT_AUTHORITY_INVALID error.
I followed all the suggestions from the link, but still not able to hit the site. Is there something I’m missing?


it seems you hit a different issue. This may be related to your certificate setup. There is a lot of documentation how to set up for example letsencrypt. You can check your log files for error messages.