Trouble w/Turn after latest Unstable update

I recently updated my dev environment to the latest unstable (2.0.5953-1) and the CoTurn is no longer working. I am using a separate CoTurn server. The CoTurn server still works for another Jitsi implementation so I know it still works. I am not seeing any errors in prosody or the TURN server but the client is showing its unable to connect to wss:// on the videobridge. This only happens when I block port 10000 forcing the client to use the TURN Server.

In the JVB logs it appears it is sending/connecting to itself at instead of the IP address of the TURN server. Testing on another server running Stable that is setup the same and using the same TURN server, it is sending the media to the TURN server’s IP not a loopback.

JVB 2021-07-08 19:01:57.004 INFO: [170] [confId=6542dcd7a06b319f gid=103680 stats_id=Angel-Ltn componentId=1 ufrag=463ij1fa3nuufa name=stream-087b7219 epId=087b7219 local_ufrag=463ij1fa3nuufa] Component.addUpdateRemoteCandidates#347: Update remote candidate for stream-087b7219.RTP:

chrome_console_1625770682558.log (175.7 KB)
jvb_log.txt (43.7 KB)

Did you block on the client side or on the JVB server?

Did you customize the prosody config according to your TURN setup?

I blocked on the Client side. I connected two users without 10000/udp blocked and another user where 10000/udp. The user with 10000/udp blocked could not connect to audio or video but could see the meta data for the other users. I did configure the prosody config to use the TURN server and this was working on the same server in a prior version of jitsi.

Well I still have not found the issue but I upgraded another environment and it did not have the same issue so definitely pointing to a configuration problem, not a software bug.

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