Trouble copying meeting name and password into email

I was prompted to share the link to invite others. I created a meeting name and password, clicked Copy and then tried to paste it into an email to invite others and it wouldn’t paste. Please help.

Is the problem that it does not paste (unlikely to be a jitsi issue), or that it is not copied to the clipboard in the first place (so there is nothing to paste when you try to paste it)?

Thank you so much for trying to help! I don’t know if it’s copying to the clipboard. How would I know?

On macOS, you can dump the content of the clipboard using pbpaste. I don’t know if there’s an equivalent on other platforms.

If you copied something known, then copied the password, and used pbpaste, you know if what you got back was the initial thing you copied that the password had not copied to your clipboard.

Alternatively, are you using any browser extensions which might be blocking copying from a website?