Triggering participantRoleChanged

Hello there,

I’m integrating Jitsi to a solution of mine and I’m facing some issues whilst using External API.
To be precise, it seems some events are never triggered, even when logs suggests otherwise.
My main concern now is on participantRoleChanged, that is triggered when a user’s role change. According to the browser’s console output, this event is being triggered normally (conference.js line 2090 logs the event to the console when it involves the local user). However, it does not trigger on the API as it should.
I’m registering to the events using the EventEmitter interface, as suggested by API, I’ve tried many different strings (to be honest I’ve searched in the whole code to find out how it should be):

const api = new window.JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, options);
api.on(‘videoConferenceJoined’, (conf) => { … }); // This part works fine
// I tried these 3 different strings, that I found among the code
api.on(‘participant-role-changed’, () => {
api.on(‘participantRoleChanged’, () => { // This is the one on documentation
api.on(‘conference.roleChanged’, () => {

These log are never triggered, hence I assume the event is not getting this far.
I believe it should come right after “My role changed, new role: moderator”, since conference.js outputs this piece of text when the event is triggered, before re-firing it to the API. I get this message, but nothing more.

Thanks in advance.