Trigger re-render from subscriber

Good day jitsi community,

I’m working on the Thumbnail component and have to listen to state changes from the redux store. But the changes trigger re-render quite slow. And I found out that the subscriber includes the StateListenerRegistry also can listen to the redux store changes. So, how can I use the subscriber to trigger re-render to the Thumbnail component which I’ve mentioned or is there any way to trigger re-render immediately when redux store state change?

Thanks in advance.

Get the state in mapStateToProps and it will trigger a re-render because the props changed.

I’ve been using it. But sometimes it takes time to fetch data from redux store. Is there any way that I can improve the speed of listening to the change of state in the store? Anyways, thanks for your quick reply.

Hum, are you sure, it should be plenty fast, the whole React - Redux model relies on that being fast. Or do you mean that the stats themselves can be slow to update?