Hi, the server is down. How can we update the translations?

Thank you very much.


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This is a known problem and we will be working on fixing it when things cool down. For now the only option is create a PR against the jitsi-meet repo.

Sorry about that.

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Sorry this means no new translations can be developed for now? Any alternatives for the Pootle interface?

You can create directly a PR in the project.

@damencho, OK. Than I plan to update Hungarian translation on Github. One question only: how to update main-hu.json with missing properties?

This is done in the past by pootle :frowning: sorry. Currently, everything is by hand.

Also this page needs some attention which is referred to from

Hi jitsi community,
I would like to improve Turkish translation sending a PR on github. When I check Tr page I saw some words missing. I will work on this page couple of days.

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Hi! Did you move the translation engine at transifex or crowdin? How may I improve translations?

For now PRs. We are working on adding crowdin …

I want to contribute with Brazilian Portuguese translation. What I have to do?
I noticed that many messages are not translated in jitsi meet using API