Translation mistake for the TURN server label

Hi all,

I notice a funny translation mistake in a lot of language files for the TURN server label.
As the translation is made in pootle without the context a lot of people has translated turn,
so we got this :
main-af.json: “turn”: “”
main-az.json: “turn”: “”
main-bg.json: “turn”: " (обръщане)"
main-ca.json: “turn”: " (torn)"
main-cs.json: “turn”: “(otočit)”
main-de.json: “turn”: " (TURN)"
main-enGB.json: “turn”: " (turn)"
main-eo.json: “turn”: " (truni)"
main-es.json: “turn”: " (turnar)"
main-esUS.json: “turn”: " (activar/desactivar)"
main-fa.json: “turn”: “”
main-fi.json: “turn”: " (vuoro)"
main-frCA.json: “turn”: " (tour)"
main-fr.json: “turn”: “(tour)”
main-hr.json: “turn”: “”
main-hu.json: “turn”: “”
main-hy.json: “turn”: " (turn)"
main-it.json: “turn”: “(ruota)”
main-ja.json: “turn”: “”
main.json: “turn”: " (turn)"
main-kab.json: “turn”: “”
main-km.json: “turn”: “”
main-ko.json: “turn”: " (turn)"
main-nb.json: “turn”: “”
main-nl.json: “turn”: " (draaien)"
main-oc.json: “turn”: " (virar)"
main-pl.json: “turn”: “skręt”
main-ptBR.json: “turn”: " (virar)"
main-ru.json: “turn”: " (повернуть)"
main-sk.json: “turn”: “”
main-sl.json: “turn”: “”
main-sv.json: “turn”: " (turn)"
main-tr.json: “turn”: “”
main-vi.json: “turn”: “turn”
main-zhCN.json: “turn”: “路由”
main-zhTW.json: “turn”: " (轉)"

It may be a good thing to force this string to just be “turn” ( I don’t know if the Chinese and Taiwan character are good or not :slight_smile: ).


Got that, I saw the same for the Bulgarian translation recently … and I was wondering about it :slight_smile:
Thanks for the report.