Translation issues on iphone

There seem to be an issue with choosing correct language in iPhone. Tested on docker stable-8044 and on For example, when I try using swedish as language, it defaults to english. Works on Android though, where it uses swedish translation.

When I go to my language on iPhone is listed as “sv-SE”, while on Android its listed as “sv”. Could this be the cause? Is it a bug?

Have you tried in incognito mode?

Yes, I’ve tried that. Both on Chrome and Safari.

Are you using the app or the browser?

Browser. Now I’ve tested it on 3 different iphone devices. All icognito Safari, does not translate according to browser language on

Hum. Are you able to test and reproduce this in desktop Safari?

Yes, I tested that now, its the same. And when I check local storage it sets language as “en” even though I clear local storage and refresh. I’m not sure if there is some language setting in iOS that I’m missing, but I’ve set swedish as highest priority in language and region settings and restarted the computer. Also, again if I check, it sets swedish locale, sv-se.

If I set the language parameter manually as a user in jitsi it works, but what I’m looking for is the automatic language detection.

Thanks for the report, it looks definitely like a bug. Could you please open an issue on GitHub so we track it there? Please link to this discussion.

Created issue: