Transcription not working


I now hosted jitsi on a server. However, with the same exact setup that I used for installing it on localhost, transcription is not working there. I have reviewed the logs and there is no particular error. In jicofo logs it says “Attempting to invite transcriber” and then it never says that it succeds on doing so or anything. In JVB logs it says that “SCTP connection with xxx not ready yet”. Attached are the logs. I have divided each of them into three parts, first is when I created a conference, second when I invited transcriber and third when I kicked it out. Can somebody help me out?

jitsi_jvb_log.txt (91.1 KB) jitsi_jicofo_log.txt (10.8 KB) jigasi_run_log.txt (52.5 KB)

Have you tried running jigasi with java8?

I just installed java8 and tried again, but again the same results. The transcriber is invited but no result is shown by Cc, and no transcription is saved on /var/lib/jigasi. I also enabled “ADVERTISE_URL” on but no URL is advertised.

I have “ALWAYS_TRUST_MODE” enabled and when I run Jigasi I use this command:

./ --subdomain=callcontrol --host=localhost --secret=xxx

If i don’t specify the host=localhost, I get the error “Connection refused”. Do these have anything to do with my problem?

@damencho first thank you for your help. After many things I tried, I decided to revert to a previous version of jigasi. I checked out the jigasi repo version that I had on my localhost, and it was that of 6th of August. With the same settings this version surprisingly works, I have no idea why. So, the commits after 6th of August must have something to do with my current configuration. Just wanted to inform you, maybe it will help with the development…

Interesting … I don’t see any problems in the logs. Will look at it the following weeks. Thanks for the report.

Yes, there was no particular error in neither Jicofo nor JVB. Could be just my configuration I am not sure. Anyways, thank you very much for always helping!

I found it. It is my mistake while refactoring
Will be fixing it, thanks for the report and pointing out the date after which it is broken, it helped a lot.

Should be fixed once this one is merged:

Great then, thank you very much!