Transcription in Jitsi Meet: CC button not quite working, transcriber not joining hidden

Hi there,

I’ve been reading through a couple other topics on the issue of how to properly configure transcription. There’s a lot of great information but it seems as though none of it is entirely complete.

I’ve managed to get through the hurdles of getting the google cloud authentication working, using a service account (important! I’ll document this stuff all later once I’m sure of the correct settings in their entirety)

Now the issue i’m facing is, despite the CC button’s best intentions of inviting the transcriber into the room, Jicofo seems to just hang as soon as Jicofo attempts to invite it:

INFO: [436] org.jitsi.jicofo.jigasi.TranscriberManager.log() Attempting to invite transcriber

Beyond that, if I manually invite jitsi_meet_transcribe into the room, and click the CC button, everything works as expected except the Transcriber doesnt join as a hidden user, they join as a visible audio-only user which I dont think is the intention.

I’ve seen all sorts of suggestions such as using XMPP authentication versus anonymous to fix this, but none of that seemed to help or change anything.

Any suggestions for where to start?

Will gladly document all of the changes necessary so they can be added to the README!

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Also, i am on the latest jitsi-meet (1.0.3734-1) /jicofo (1.0-468-1)/jigasi (1.0-235) as of right now.

When you clock CC button do you see any logs in jigasi?

Hum, you had configured the brewery room property in jicofo for discovering jigasi, right?

What is that supposed to be configured to?

Create an initernal muc iin prosody:

Component "" "muc"
    modules_enabled = {
--    storage = "null" -- for trunk
--    storage = "none" -- for 0.10
    storage = "memory" -- for 0.11
    muc_room_cache_size = 1000

In your jicofo config /etc/jitsi/jicofo/ add:

In jigasi config /etc/jitsi/jigasi/ add enabling xmpp account (you will need to create that account in prosody), the properties for the xmpp account to use:
Enable brewery there:


Make sure for .BREWERY you add and you edit DOMAIN_BASE.

This will ignore the component and will configure jigasi to register in a muc where jicofo will be watching for jigasi instances.

This the more advance way of discovering jigasi/jvb instances, we should switch and the default installations to use that and stop using the component.

This worked for me - I’ll add these notes to a full end-to-end writeup on how to get this working from start to finish.

One question remains: When I click the CC icon, the “Transcriber” attendee joins, and i see AUD in the quality indicator in the top right. I know previously, it was a hidden participant that changed the indicator to REC in the top right. Is this functionality still available? Does it take some particular configuration that I’m missing to restore it?

Thanks for your help!

You need to configure authentication for the transcriber and then configure that domain as hidden domain for your jitsi-meet deployment:

For example has this because of jibri: hiddenDomain: ‘’,