Transcription and Caption on

I am new to Jitsi and I have been attending some metting on .
I would like to know how to enable automatic transcription and caption when accessing the meeting room via browser or iOS app. I hasn’t found this option.

If doesn’t offer this service, is there other way to get automatic captioning using Jitsi ?

This is not available on It is available as paid feature when using

Thanks. I contacted the support and it said everyone in the meeting will need account.
Is there any Jitsi solution (with real-time transcription) that only the host need an account and anyone with the link can take part in the meeting ?

On you will need the host to activate them and then the participants which can be just guests can enable them.
There was a bug around that button which we recently fixed and maybe some support doc is not updated.

If you are slef-hosting you can deploy and use your server for that.

Thanks. I am considering self-hosting but I prefer a paid solution if there’s one that solves this problem.

If I understand correctly, you are saying if I have an account, I can host a meeting, activate transcript and share it with people that don’t have account to join it ?

If so, it’s an information different from support and looks it solve this problem.

yep, try it out. You can always cancel.

I’m currently running a Jitsi instance with everything configure for transcription using Vosk. Everything almost works perfectly, as a moderator i can click the CC Button, the transcriber joins in and i can see closed captions as i talk, the txt dump is also functional and every guest is correctly transcribed in the subtitles. I run all of this with custom Docker images built from latest sources for Jigasi and the web app.

However, i am totally unable to see the “CC” or “TR” buttons, appear as a guest. The subtitles are only visible for the moderator session. I have no clue, is that an issue or a mis configuration somewhere ?

Thx for the feedback,

@damienlaine what version of Jitsi are you running?

jitsi-meet-web 1.0.4754-1

I meant version of jitsi-meet actually. This was an issue in the previous version but it’s been fixed in the latest version.

You mean the video-bridge ?
I use the version distributed in docker-jitsi-meet. Shall i update it as well ?

Not sure about docker. But it works with non-docker, if the transcriber is configured in a hidden domain. Then you will see TR.