Transcriber joins but is muted and then disappears in 15 seconds

I have installed Jitsimeet and Jigasi on Ubnutu 18.jicofo.log (20.4 KB)
jigasi.log (57.5 KB)
jvb.log (62.1 KB)

In conference, If I click on “CC” Button, it works perfectly.
In the same conference If I “Stop Subtitles” and try to start the sub titles, the transcriber user joins the conference with Audio muted and disconnects after 15 Seconds.
Attached the required Logs.

Which version of jicofo do you use?

I haven’t installed specifically jicofo. It came along with with jitsi-meet debian package.

dpkg -l | grep jicofo

ii jicofo 1.0-798-1 all JItsi Meet COnference FOcus

There was a bug that we recently fixed in jicofo which has bot reach stable yet, you can try updating to unstable and see whether that changes anything.

Is there any ETA for stable version of the above fix.

Nope, sorry.