Transcribe Enable using Jigasi is not working in iOS & Android. while it is working on Web. Please suggest

I have checked following:
1). Jigasi is properly configured on your server and that it is working correctly.
2). transcribing feature is enabled on my Jitsi Meet server. Checked (located at /etc/jitsi/meet/domain-config.js) and verifying that the transcribingEnabled option is set to true.
3. transcription feature is working correctly on the web version of Jitsi Meet.
4. Mobile app is using the latest version 6.2.1 of the Jitsi Meet SDK

I am using following. Please check

//For Android App (Kotlin Language)

val options = JitsiMeetConferenceOptions.Builder()
.setFeatureFlag(“transcribing.enabled”, true) // enable transcription
.setFeatureFlag(“transcribing.language”, “en-US”) // set transcription language

JitsiMeetActivity.launch(this, options)

//For iOS App (Swift Language)

import JitsiMeet

let options = JitsiMeetConferenceOptions.fromBuilder { builder in
builder.serverURL = URL(string: “https://your.jitsi.server”) = “your-room-name”
builder.audioMuted = true
builder.videoMuted = true
builder.audioOnly = true
builder.welcomePageEnabled = false

// Enable Jigasi
builder.setFeatureFlag("transcribing.enabled", withValue: true)
builder.setFeatureFlag("recording.enabled", withValue: true)


Please suggest.

@damencho and @saghul any suggestions ?

Does it work for you if you use the latest jitsi-meet app?

Hi @damencho,
No. It’s not working on even latest version of Jitsi-meet 7.0.1
Please guide.

I’m asking about the app you can install from the app store?
Latest beta version of it is version 23.0.0.

Yes. We have downloaded app from App Store and test but it still not working.

@saghul Have you noticed that with latest versions?

Hi @saghul @damencho Can you please help me, I’m stuck on this from last 15 days ?